Top 5 Talented Contemporary Artists You Should Know

No matter what calamities are hovering around the world, art is, and will always be, alive.

Even though the art world is in a daze right now, being affected by the drastic changes and transformation, it is still standing, with so many talented artists continuing to create amazing art. You are likely to know many of them, but there are always more whose precious minds deserve your attention. If you are ready to open up a door to embrace a whole new art experience, here are five talented contemporary artists who might well make a mark on your perception of contemporary art.

1. Susana Aldanondo

The internationally renowned New-York-based artist Susana Aldanondo offers a fresh and unique perspective on Abstract Expressionism and Conceptual Art. Being the daughter of a muralist, her aptitude for art seems to have been inherited from birth. The source of inspiration for this talented painter is music, mainly salsa, flamenco, tango, and jazz. What is special about Susana Aldanondo is her unparalleled approach to creating her emotional art. Painting under the rain on the Brooklyn Bridge sounds rather unrealistic, but not for this artist. The world around her is just another canvas she uses to demonstrate the correlation between the inner and outer natures of a human.

2. Alex Sastoque

Let’s leave hectic New York and go to Bogota, Colombia, which is home to another amazing artist Alex Sastoque. Having international recognition, he comes across as one of the most prominent contemporary Colombian artists, whose brilliant art pieces (pictured) are exhibited both in Colombia and abroad. Alex Sastoque is frequently called “Maestro of visual arts” due to his distinguishing skills that allow creating masterpieces intrinsically reminding works of the old masters. Besides being a talented visual artist, Alex Sastoque is a good narrator, and that is why he almost always inserts social context in his works.

3. Gretchen Andrew

Gretchen Andrew is not a conventional artist. While being contemporary in style, she finds rather innovative and imponderable ways of creating and promoting her artworks. Following the principles of “search engine art,” she has gathered an army of fans all around the globe. Her Frieze Los Angeles Search Engine Art performance in 2019 was an abundantly major step ahead in the career. If you have never heard of “search engine art”, this would be a tremendous chance to discover a completely new horizon of contemporary art.

4. Buhle Nkalashe

What would happen if we merge a portrait painting and abstractionism? We would get Buhle Nkalashe, an independent contemporary artist from Cape Town. Due to his original approach to portrait art, his works have become pretty popular with local art galleries. Buhle Nkalashe is a real magician as he has excelled in joining two almost foreign to each other elements, today’s novelties and traditional canon. By using them in unison, he has combined two contradictory forces. The result is amazing. This young artist is, without a doubt, a worthy representative of contemporary African art.

5. Evgeniya Maltseva

Being an adept of Expressionism, the Russian artist Evgeniya Maltseva is capable of transforming heavy musings into a perfect physical embodiment. Her artworks are awe-inspiring, straightforward, and candid. They are the particles of the artist’s comprehension of the world. The more you look at the paintings and sculptures by this talented artist, the more details you see, and the better you understand their meaning.

Contemporary art is like a gushing river swirling around you. One wrong step and you will be washed away. So take your time and learn more about each of the contemporary artists mentioned above, step by step.

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